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remeber when


I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.  I will consider all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds.”  Psalm 77: 11-12


Asaph’s psalm is full of emotional anguish.  There’s a roller coaster ride of ups and downs connected to the greatness of God and the misery of God’s absence in the middle of his pain.  The questioning of God’s past presence and power in his life is real.

Verses 7-9 leads Asaph to question God in these ways…

~ Does God love me?

~ Does He care?

~ Why have you abandoned me?

~ Are you angry at me?

~ What have I done…?

Losing sleep, left feeling totally rejected, abandoned…Asaph seems to pull himself out of this depressive emotional experience, remembering the the past deeds God performed.


My heart sinks, thinking about friends and family who are experiencing emotional and spiritual roller coasters.  Within their hearts and soul, and through painful experiences – many people are suffering and forgetting the greatness of God, His ways, character and love for them.

I’ve inflicted my own soul with questions like Asaph!  Circumstances left me feeling rejected, not cared for, angry and violent – have all added to my roller coaster reactions.  It’s hard to trust God – to have hope in Him – when you experience hardships and are left feeling abandoned, lonely, rejected…etc.

Like Asaph, I’m grateful for the grace of God helping me to…REMEMBER THE PAST!  Recalling God’s past miracles, presence and deeds are a good thing!

~ Remember when I comforted you when Beckie was in trouble giving birth to Kai?

~ Remember when I overwhelmed you with my presence when people in the church spoke ill of you?

~ Remember when you felt so dejected and abandoned…I blessed you with provisions through your friends and family?

The list of Remember When’s would go on and on and on…!  It’s a great exercise to think about, even write down the “Remember When God…!”


Thank You Daddie God!  Helping me through this Psalm – to recall and remember Your great presence and works and ways!  Thank you for reminding me, You will never, ever, ever, never…leave me, my family and Your people.

Thank you for the hope and confident faith You are working in me, to trust You!  I do Need You…soooooooo much!  I love You Jesus and thank You Spirit of God!  You are sooooooooo Good and Awesome!