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B E L I E V E . A L O H A [believe | be | live | ALOHA]


The thought of believing in Jesus and sharing His love was stirring in my heart.  Then the words BELIEVE ALOHA was impressed upon my heart as I was thinking & praying about ways for our church to reach our family, friends and people in our community. Yeah – that’s the Hawaii way…Aloha and encouraging people to believe in God’s love.


As I was wrote this out, I saw live ALOHA – in beLIeVE.aloha.

Then I saw be ALOHA in BElieve.aloha.

Little did I know what an ongoing convicting, inspiring and transforming message this would be.  A message I needed to know, live, then share with others in my family, church and community.

1.  To believe.aloha is to believe in God. To put our faith and entrust our hearts and lives to God and HIs loving will and purposes.  This is BELIEVING!

2.  To believe.aloha continues from our being.  To BE aloha means embodying my “believing” or faith in God, into my being.  Believing will influence my BEING!

3.  To believe.aloha continues from our being to living aloha.  And to LIVE aloha is to practically share and show our love to others.  Believing will influence my Being, which will influence my LIVING!


I’m convinced this message starts within me – to BELIEVE ALOHA.  Then to BE ALOHA.  Then to LIVE ALOHA with the person right in front of me – through my encouraging, uplifting words and through helpful, kind and caring actions.

This is a great progression.  People can “live aloha” – but not from their “being.”  I think we can even “be” aloha and “live” aloha, but not really “believe” this aloha in the depths of our heart.

Many people are struggling or hurting, in need of a renewed sense of sincere, genuine ALOHA [love] in their lives.  It’s on my heart to share this kind of GOD ALOHA with others.

I pray for people to BELIEVE that the God of aloha, loves them and calls them to believe in Him.