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Rod Shimabukuro


Now it was in the heart of David my father to build a house for the name of the LORD, the God of Israel. But the LORD said to David my father, ‘Whereas it was in your heart to build a house for my name, you did well that it was in your heart.  1 Kings 8:17-18


The baton of building the temple of God had been passed from David to Solomon.  David has since passed away and Solomon has fulfilled God’s commission – to build the House of God.  It was now ready to be dedicated to the Lord and Solomon is recapping the instructions of God.

The mentioning of his father David’s name has significance, in that the family line and heritage had a significant and high value in Jewish culture.  Of course David’s role and position as King was esteemed, as he was held in great honor among God’s people.

Solomon acknowledges and pays tribute to his father, the King as the instigator and leader of this vision…to build the House of God!


There are assignments, tasks, roles, positions…in life, that many times will transition into something unexpected.  For me, this passage spoke to my heart because I don’t “need to be the one” that completes a God assignment, or lead a vision all the way till the end.  There are certain “goals, desires” I have that may not come to fruition under my leadership as a husband, father or pastor.  And that’s ok.

I find it refreshing and relieving that the “goals and desires” I have been blessed to acquire – I don’t need to die trying to accomplish them!  Ahhhh!  I don’t need to die trying to fulfill some of the things the Lord has placed on my heart.  I don’t need to give my life, heart, energy…sacrificing time, relationships… to “Accomplish a God-desire of task!”


Too often I’ve seen people giving themselves to the “WORK OF GOD” to build His Kingdom…they lose health, sleep and even relationships!  Yikes and YUK!   I want to help coach people – to not DIE TRYING…so hard! 🙂

The works of God can make you feel important, wanted, included… a part of something “bigger than yourself” right?  We have to be careful of our motives to secretly desire recognition, to add value, to want to feel valued or valuable.  Applause, affirmation, accolades…as I’ve said before, can steer my heart in the direction of self righteousness.


The work of God can take precedence over the ways of God in Christians lives.  This is where the work becomes more important than HIs ways.  And His ways include love, grace, patience…with others.  The fruit of the Spirit can override or be substituted by the “gifts of the Spirit.”  Meaning Christians want to possess and demonstrate the Gifts of the Spirit, but sometimes without the FRUIT of the Spirit!  A person may be filled with an anointing and power to prophesy, but where’s the love and grace?”


I don’t mean paying compliments or saying something nice.  The works and ways of God should compliment each other – go hand in hand – partner together.  Same is true of the Gifts and Fruit of the Spirit.  They are to be in union with each other to point us to and glorify Jesus!


Thank You Daddie God!  What a refreshing and relieving word!  I receive it and may I walk in obedience to this word – in the areas You are speaking to me about!  Praise You – I don’t have to be “the one” to accomplish all You’ve places on my heart!  Thank You Jesus and Spirit of God!