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By Rod Shimabukuro


And the LORD will be king over all the earth. On that day the LORD will be one and his name one.  Zechariah 14:9



The scene is dismal and bleak for the children of God.  Judgment and trials are inevitable.  The results are in God’s hands for He is faithful, fair and kind is hope.  But hope for the future is not realized without what appears to be severe circumstances.  The lessons of God’s holiness need not be overlooked!  The prophetic word Zechariah speaks and writes of, is a warning with hope for me, and all of God’s people.


I dare not use this passage as a way to incite fear or manipulate the word to for my call for people to repent.  But what I must do, is personally pray, seek my Holy God…asking for His guidance for my life, the pulpit/teaching platform He’s given me.

I feel there’s a message here for the body of Christ, starting with me…to not take God lightly. He’s always loving, gracious, faithful, has a future and hope for us. But things may not work out our way, in our time, with our results in mind. But one day as verse 9 indicates, the Lord will be King over ALL the earth.  Start with me, my heart now Lord!!


Today – Please God-King!  Be Lord and teacher of my heart and life!  May I continue to be filled with Your love, to love and obey You, one day, one moment at a time.  When I fail You, thank you for convicting me to receive Your great grace!  May I continue to trust You and help me to teach Your word with wisdom, love, truth and grace!