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And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.  Genesis 2:25

The union covenant between Adam and Eve as husband and wife – naked and unashamed – represents an intimate, unhindered and secure relationship. This picture of marriage union reflects the union between God and His church – Jesus the Groom and His bride. We are the bride of Christ – in perfect union with Jesus: naked, secure, unashamed, unhindered, fearless and confident, fully loved, fully embraced, full accepted, fully secured, fully assured!

The Advent of Christmas includes a picture of UNION – the union between the Father and His Son Jesus. And now Jesus is uniting God’s people back to His Father. This union of love extends to all people, all tribes, tongues and nations – through the arrival of Jesus’ birth – His life, death, resurrection and ascension!

Do you realize how secure, perfect, united you really are in and through Jesus? I believe there’s nothing we can do to break this union love of God – but how can we strengthen our union with Jesus?