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December 14 | DISTURBED

 When King Herod heard this he was disturbed, and all Jerusalem with him. Matthew 2:3

Several Scholars note that King Herod and all Jerusalem were likely to be “disturbed” about Jesus for different reasons. For the King, it was disturbing his pride, sense of control and supreme dictatorship over all people. Another king was a threat.  For Jerusalem, they were likely disturbed by their disbelief, rejection of Jesus as Messiah.  This new king would cause conflicts for their lives.  Nevertheless, the news of the arrival of the new king was disturbing enough for the king to eventually issue an edict to have all boys 2 years and under murdered.

Disturbed? Are people around you disturbed because King Jesus arrived in your life? If people around me aren’t disturbed by my faith in Jesus, I wonder if I’m blending in or being too subtle?

We know Christian’s are persecuted, even murdered by disturbed anti-Christian’s for their Jesus seeking faith. Would I dare declare Jesus in a way that would be disturbing to the world around me? Not to be a turn off or religious nut. But we should be uncompromising in our faith, growing and living boldly for Christ, and being unashamed of His name…Jesus. Jesus is King.

The next opportunity we have, let’s declare Jesus name to someone! At the risk of being rejected or feeling like we are disturbing them – let’s be bold for Jesus. The world around us are bold for what they stand for aren’t they?