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December 15 | WRITTEN

 Jesus, the wilderness, the devil, the temptation, the victory! Matthew 4:1 – 11

  • In his first 2 temptations, the devil questions Jesus identity, “If you are the Son of God…”
  • The last temptation records the devil questioning and tempting Jesus’ will, “If you will bow down…”
  • Jesus responded all three times, “It is written…”
  • The devil leaves, angels come to minister to Jesus and He continues

Notable thought: In Luke 4, Jesus enters the wilderness “full of the Spirit.” After the devils temptation, Jesus returns “in the power of the Spirit.”

Jesus was really tempted to sin. If not, would it have been “a temptation?” It was real, it was grueling, it was challenging. His humanity was tempted to sin, giving in to the devil. But He didn’t. Yes Jesus had a God strength.

Jesus’, “It is written” response leads me to believe that He was holding on, confessing, believing… the Word of God – the Truth of God through the Torah. Through the grueling 40 days…Jesus was probably weary, worn and torn emotionally, physically (fasting) and spiritually. Yet He chose these words…”It is written…”

Is someone questioning your identity? Character? Do you feel threatened or tempted to throw in the towel because of rejection, low self worth or bullying?

Are you being tempted to sin against God? Reject your faith? Or do you know someone like this? *Reach out to them.

Jesus paved the way for us to know God. The Holy Spirit will fill and empower us to grow in God. Let us now, dig in to God’s Word, God’s voice, God’s truth…to overcome all temptations!