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Rod Shimabukuro


The LORD has made the heavens his throne; from there He rules over everything. Psalm 103:19 NIV


Throughout Psalm 103, the promises of God to have a good relationship with Him and for life, health, healing and forgiveness are revealed,  The God who made the heavens and the earth and everything in it, rules over His creation.

The supreme, all mighty power of God is revealed in this verse, and throughout Psalm 103.


I believe God rules over “my everything” in life.  We each have different “everything’s in life.”  Our circumstances, desires, life situations are all different.  My belief and understanding is that God rules over “my unique everything’s” in life.

Today I want to trust His heart and His rule.  I want to align my convictions, decisions, and “everything in my life” to His will and rule.


Dear Father, Creator and Ruler over everything!  Forgive me for my lack of trust, worrying too much about “my life” and focusing too much on “me.”  Forgive me for the areas of ,my life where I’m trying to rule or run.  I ask you to strengthen my inner man, to believe – to really believe that You are Lord over my everything in life.  I feel so loved by You and strengthen today.  You are God, my Ruler, my Lord, my Master and King!