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From November 22 thru December 6, Wally and Maura Tanaka will lead 6 other faith-filled and faithful servants on a medical mission to Nepal.

They will be working with Pastor Ruben and a few of his daughter church pastors in rural mountainous villages.  (Pictured are Pastor Ruben and his daughter church pastors) This is a vital and valuable ministry to people who need practical care and training to live a more healthy life.

In previous trips, the medical missions teams have expended themselves to serve hundreds of children, mothers, families and people in the various villages in Nepal.  I’ve been to a couple of these villages earlier this year and it can be a little rough – at least for us “spoiled westerners” if you know what I mean.

Please keep this team in your prayers as they all prepare for this upcoming mission.

We ask for your prayer support along with any monetary support you are led to share.  If you would like to financially give towards this mission, please contact Maura:  maurakanat@gmail.com.


The Nepal team will be having a Craft & Bake Sale on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5th at New Hope Manoa | Mid Pacific Institute | Bakken Auditorium | Before and after our service.

DONATIONS WELCOME! Your specialty baked goods or craft item donations are welcome.  Please contact Maura Tanaka: maurakanat@gmail.com

Save the Date & Spread the Word for our CRAFT & BAKE SALE, Sunday, November 5th!