2445 Kaala St, Honolulu, HI 96822


Meet Pastor Gabe

Gabe McDonald loves training and teaching our youth. His personable, humorous character and his deep love for God and equipping youth and leaders is contagious and fruitful.

It's a big year for Pastor Gabe! He graduated from Pacific Rim Christian University this May 2016 and is now preparing to get married to his beautiful fiancé Brittney in June!

Youth from 4th grade – 12th grade meet in the Cafeteria during main service. Every 4th Sunday, they join the main service for worship and are dismissed after announcements. We also have "All In Sunday's" where the youth join the main service in it's entirety.

Pastor Gabe puts out a monthly Parent and Youth Newsletter. Email him to receive their monthly news, updates, activities...!

Fresh | Small Groups

Fresh are small groups for youth that meet weekly. If you are interested in becoming part of our Fresh small groups contact Pastor Gabe at: gabrielmcdonald@enewhope.org / 808-398-4733